Meditation is the Core of Inclusion

The most important thing that we can do for ourselves, which is the core of being more inclusive of others, is to find the stillness within, and in that stillness, be one with the moment. The ability to be our best self requires that we go within, calming the outer noise and distractions, and finding that reservoir of power that ignites our spirit. Inclusion begins within. If we cannot connect with the core of who we are, we will lack the true fortitude to fight for anything, much less for justice.  If we cannot find the center of peace within, we will have difficulty activating it without.

Some might choose to meditate on a Buddhist koan, hold an asana, or breath the deep compassion of tonglen. Sometimes I choose those things too, but in the spirit of inclusion, I want to uplift all of the other sacred texts, the Jewish Bible, the Koran, the Christian Bible, or other sources of spiritual inspiration as powerful sources of centering. I find a meditation in every sentence uttered by Jesus, or in the center of this connective tissue called Spirit, the universe speaks meditative words through me, which in turn I sit with,
as my own sacred koan.  

Through the power of Spirit, I have incorporated love throughout my meditation and my ministry as well. Love is the heart of diversity, equity and inclusion. We don’t like to say “love” so much in the workplace, but love and the ability to center our thoughts in love and our feelings for others as love is what inclusion is all about, which has to extend beyond the workplace. 

Without love, you can have a daily practice of mindfulness and still be racist.  Without love, you can do the work that you believe levels the playing ground for others or be committed to hiring diverse people but still be racist. Love is the foundation of meditation. A practice devoid of love is inherently racist because it lacks the capacity that Dr. Kendi uplifts to be proactive about including others.

Love without inclusion is not love.

I really am, as the South African Ubuntu say, here because of you, and you are here because of me. My heart and your heart really are old friends. We really are the fabric of a quilt of infinity that keeps adding the eternal patches and cosmic connection beyond who we appear to be in the physical.

Published by #lovingfactor

Loving is a DEI strategist, mindfulness leader, attorney, as well as an empowerment author and speaker.

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