Our Stories Offer Space to Share

Story-telling experts, like Narrativ and others, say once you tell a story and the listener hears it, your story transforms. Listeners do not hear the story that you know so well; they construct their own versions of the experience you are sharing.

No matter how structured and precise you are, the listeners will filter your words through their own experiences.

In telling our stories, our job is to give to the audience, not take from them.

We can tell positive stories to share a message with a lecture.

Our goals is to take something that matters deeply to us and to rebuild it inside the minds of your listeners.

Murray Nossel from Powered by Storytelling says “I urge you NEVER LEARN YOUR STORY BY HEART because that will impede your in-the-moment creativity and capacity to present with genuineness. Once you’ve trained your brain and body to tell the story and you’ve prepared your listening environment to the best of your ability, there is nothing more to remember. There is no need for notes.”

“You and your story are enough.”


Published by #lovingfactor

Loving is a DEI strategist, mindfulness leader, attorney, as well as an empowerment author and speaker.

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