Only Through Listening Can We Include

Only through listening can we learn to respect differences, but listening is not easy. We have to slow down long enough to hear. Most of us do not take the time to listen because we believe that rather than the silence, the noise around us is the most important things in our lives. But if we stop, take a moment, and pause to listen, not only are we more aware of our own thoughts and more intuitive to the situation around us, we learn to be less judgmental, less critical and even less biased of others.

Inclusion listens deeply,

beyond space and time,

with ears that hear through the heart,

eyes that see beyond judgment,

and hearts that hold safe spaces.

As the black mystic and contemplative scholar Howard Thurman once told one of his protégées who sought Thurman’s advice: “You must wait and listen for the sound of the genuine that is within.”

Published by #lovingfactor

Loving is a DEI strategist, mindfulness leader, attorney, as well as an empowerment author and speaker.

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