Honoring Our Purpose

When we discern our purpose and give our lives completely to a cause greater than ourselves, a cause that serves other people, we find ourselves as well as the greatest fulfillment that there is.

As you read this blog, you will be given moments to pause and reflect on your purpose, intention, and simply being one with the moment.  Hopefully, you will also be encouraged to honor your purpose, with courage, bravery, dedication, and preparation—regardless of whether it is writing, rescuing and bringing others to safety, providing services for those who do, preventing fires and other emergencies, providing protection for the public, cleaning and making our streets and neighborhood sanitary and eco-friendly, maintaining our parks and vegetation, teaching, guiding and caring for our children, sewing and scrubbing and fixing and building and leading and praying, nursing, doctoring or otherwise caring for those who sick, shut-in or disabled, praying and ministering and counseling and healing, leading our government, corporations and other businesses, representing those who seek justice or must defend themselves, manufacturing the things we need, driving and designing and innovating and creating outside of boxes, or doing the many other tasks that often go un-noticed, un-heard, and un-rewarded.

This is the elevator at the Brooklyn Center for Fiction

Honoring our purpose requires no explanations. It does not matter whether others cannot understand our purpose what others think of us: what matters is whether we believe in ourselves. 

In front of the Toni Morrison mural.
She said “write the book you want to read.”

When we honor our purpose in life,

which is our calling to contribute

something to others

because of a vision far greater than ourselves,

we serve others

in a more inclusive way.

Published by #lovingfactor

Loving is a DEI strategist, mindfulness leader, attorney, as well as an empowerment author and speaker.

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