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Honoring Our Purpose

When we discern our purpose and give our lives completely to a cause greater than ourselves, a cause that serves other people, we find ourselves as well as the greatest fulfillment that there is. As you read this blog, you will be given moments to pause and reflect on your purpose, intention, and simply being…

Meditation is the Core of Inclusion

The most important thing that we can do for ourselves, which is the core of being more inclusive of others, is to find the stillness within, and in that stillness, be one with the moment. The ability to be our best self requires that we go within, calming the outer noise and distractions, and finding…

Only Through Listening Can We Include

Only through listening can we learn to respect differences, but listening is not easy. We have to slow down long enough to hear. Most of us do not take the time to listen because we believe that rather than the silence, the noise around us is the most important things in our lives. But if…

Our Stories Offer Space to Share

Story-telling experts, like Narrativ and others, say once you tell a story and the listener hears it, your story transforms. Listeners do not hear the story that you know so well; they construct their own versions of the experience you are sharing. No matter how structured and precise you are, the listeners will filter your…


Inclusion welcomes all,
without expectation or cost,
as the heart that gives
without asking to receive,
exercising its muscle of generosity
to invite everyone in,
trusting the oneness that we share,
everywhere, every place, every time,
always returns our gift.

Bring your heart.
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